onsdag 28. oktober 2015

torsdag 15. oktober 2015

onsdag 7. oktober 2015

Laksefiske Suldalslågen 2014 Neteland Production HD

Villain or Saint?

It’s difficult to say whether or not the pike in this clip is trying to liberate an unfortunate friend, if it’s trying to snatch its supper, of if it’s just being a bully. Knowing what ferocious fish pike are, it’s probably one of the latter, but you’ll be the judge!

torsdag 1. oktober 2015

Fishing with Edvin and Philip | Trolling Tough Pikes

This is the ninth episode of a series called "Fishing with Edvin and Philip". This time, they will do some trolling for northern pikes in a Swedish pelagic lake with clear water. 

The episode is in Swedish but has English subtitles.